Lubrak: A Bön Village in Nepal

Miniature painting of Yangton Chenpo,
Bönpo master and father of the founder of Lubrak


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   The Bön Village

Such are the spiritual qualities of this place that a meditator can achieve more here in a week than in a year anywhere else.

Yangton Tashi Gyaltsen, the founder of Lubrak      


   The School

The people of Lubrak will follow no other religious path than their own Bön faith, not even so much as the speck of a mustard-seed, or even if they could fly off into the air.

Karu Druwang Tenzin, a 19th century visitor to Lubrak      


   The Temples

Here upon the left-hand lotus is that sacred place, Gongphu Gonpa of the hundred footprints; If you make offerings here you will not suffer rebirth in the lower realms. If you offer sacred water here you will become a successful traveller in the afterworld.

A traditional song sung by the women of Lubrak